The success of our program is solely dependent on the willingness of parents to help out.  We ask you to help the program grow and succeed by volunteering your time and talents during your child’s class time.  We truly couldn’t do this program without you.

You might say, “I have no gifts to offer!”

Here are a few things you may have over-looked within yourself. 

The ability to smile and make people feel welcomed.                    A good clear reading voice.

The knack of affirming children in their efforts.                              The habit of being punctual and reliable.

The patience to listen and try to understand.                                 The willingness to learn how to tell stories.

The wisdom to see your limitations and accept advice.                 The ability to be organized.

If you decide to volunteer anywhere within the Diocese of Trenton, you will need to have your fingerprints taken for a federal and state background check and take a “Safe Environment” workshop called “Virtus.”  You must be cleared by the state prior to the first day of class.  Fingerprints are good for four years before needing to be renewed.

After you obtain the paperwork and fill it out, you must go online to register.  Included in the paperwork are convenient addresses of fingerprinting locations and their office hours.  The parish will reimburse volunteers the fee when you return the paperwork, your receipt and the Diocese has processed your fingerprints.

To attend the VIRTUS workshop, you will need to register online at www.virtus.org.  This program was put in place by the Diocese of Trenton and is necessary for all volunteers who help out more than a few hours a year at our parish and who are in contact with children or young adults.  No children may attend this workshop.  The workshop is a 3 hour course.  You cannot be late, the doors close and lock 5 minutes after the program starting time.  Again, you need to go online to www.virtus.org to register no less than a few days before the workshop is scheduled and make sure you choose Mary, Mother of the Church Parish.  Please do this ASAP as the classes fill up quickly!

Volunteer Form Application

Thank you all for your time, energy and willingness to share your faith!  You are all gifts to the parish and this office.  Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the RE Office.

Margaret Zola

Coordinator of Religious Education

(609) 291-8281 x18