Word of Life Prayer Group – Celebrates 25 years

The Word of Life prayer group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. Praise God for those who answered the promptings of the Holy Spirit in January 1994. A Mass of Thanksgiving is planned for January 20th at the 11:30 Mass. Please join us in thanksgiving.

Over the years, hundreds of parishioners have participated in the Life in the Spirit seminars, deepening their relationship with the Holy Spirit, and responding to its promptings and frequently engaging in ministry opportunities. We are truly grateful for the movement of the Holy Spirit within the parish.

The WOL prayer group meets Mondays in St. Mary’s chapel at 7p.m. for time of prayer, praise, reflection, instruction/exhortation and fellowship. All are invited to attend, even if you are simply “curious.”

The next healing Mass sponsored by the prayer group is Monday, January 21st at 7pm in St. Mary’s Church. Opportunity for individual, healing prayer is offered. Food and fellowship will follow in the school hall. 

Praise be to Jesus for His fidelity; we pray we are faithful. Patty Baylog at 609-298-4249 is the prayer group coordinator available for questions or inquiries. We invite new people to join us at any time; determine how the Holy Spirit is prompting you in your faith journey. Thank You to all those folks who chose to journey with us since 1994.