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Today as we celebrate the feast of Easter, like Mary Magdalene and the Disciples we find the challenge of also seeing and believing the resurrection. There are people who say that there will be no resurrection, that there is nothing after death. When next you hear this, think of springtime.  The ground was frozen hard and there was not a sign of life in the fields or on the trees. But now      everything is changing.  No human power can keep back springtime. Since the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead, the first signs of an eternal springtime have begun to appear. Each of us has met Christians who, despite great suffering that cannot be explained, have continued to believe that death is not the end. These people are signs for us that Jesus Christ has really risen. Who are the “Easter” people you have known.

If you or anyone you know needs assistance, call our confidential helpline at 609-298-1414

Our Mother’s day flower sale continues through next  weekend. Order forms can be found in the back of church.

To order simply:

  • Download the following order form and fill it.
  • Order Form
  • Enclose the order form with payment in cash or by check made payable to St. Vincent de Paul Society in an envelope.
  • Drop the envelope in the collection basket at either St. Mary’s or Holy Assumption on the weekends of April 20/21 and April 27/28.

Orders must be received by Sunday April 28

Plants will be available for pick up in St. Mary’s School Hall and in the

Holy Assumption Divine Mercy Room

after all Masses on Mother’s Day weekend     May 11/12

If you have any questions please call us at


Thank you for your support!

We thank

Timothy’s Center for Gardening

Rt. 130 , Robbinsville

For helping to make our project bloom