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8th Grade Confirmation

8th Grade Assignment 4/1/2020

Decision Point’s Dynamic Catholic –

  • Session 5: The Bible – workbook page 133 #3 (same site by downloading the workbook)
  • Session 8: The Holy Spirit – workbook page 198 #2
  • Session 9: The Church – workbook page 229 #1 AND workbook page 232 #1
  • Session 10: Confirmation – workbook page 246 #3 AND workbook page 256 #2
  • Session 11: Made for Mission – workbook page 301 #1 AND workbook page 318 #3


Please email your homework to:

Mrs. Evans – Sunday 8am and Tuesday 6:45pm – Sessions C and B –

Mrs. Newton – Sunday 10am – Session D –

First Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are three very important Sacraments on your child’s way to being a good Catholic.  Our RE prepares your child during their Elementary and Middle School years.  In order for a child to receive these Sacraments they must regularly attend RE classes for instruction.  Parents and/or child will meet with our staff and Catechists for meetings and retreats as noted on our calendars.  Additional fees are only required for Confirmation.

First Penance celebrates God’s loving forgiveness.  The experience of forgiveness is at the heart of the Gospel message.  Jesus came to show us the Father who is loving and forgiving.  This is the God whom we wish our children to meet in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  First Penance is for those prepared students in Grade 2. 

First Eucharist is an opportunity to introduce the children of our parish into a fuller participation in God’s family of which they are members through Baptism.  The faith community of Mary, Mother of the Church Parish welcomes children to the Table of the Lord.  First Eucharist is for those prepared students in Grade 2. 


Confirmation is the celebration where our Candidates affirm their Baptismal promises and receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Confirmation is celebrated for those prepared and ready to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit during the spring of Grade 8.


There are several requirements which need to be fulfilled in order for First Penance, First Eucharist and Confirmation to be administered.  Children are expected to participate in weekly and Holy Day Masses in addition to Religious Education classes and retreats, parents need attend all meetings.  In addition to the previous requirements, Confirmation Candidates are to perform community service, turn in all paperwork, and attend DYC, Catholic Youth Rally and returning Mass and Banquet.


*All sacraments are preceded by two years of faith formation (i.e. Religious Education classes) in preparation for the reception of any particular sacrament.  Children prepare for First Penance and First Eucharist during their 1st and 2nd grade.  Children prepare for Confirmation during their 7th and 8th grade.



Penance Reconciliation Parent Handbook

Penance Eucharist Calendar


Service Pledge Form

EXAMPLE Service Pledge Form

Suggestions for Service Projects

Confirmation Handbook

Confirmation Calendar

Study Guide … for 7th through 8th grade levels for Confirmation Tests

Agreement of Parent/Guardian & Sponsor Form

Rite of Enrollment

Choosing of a Christian Name

Draft Letter to the Bishop Instructions

Report on Service Activity

God bless your “Works of Mercy”!