Planning For The Future

I feel it is so very important for any group, body or parish, if it is to be of value and to reach its full potential, it needs to plan. I have secured the support of an outside facilitator to help us as a parish to plan for our future. The facilitator is giving us three nights, Oct. 18, Nov. 19 and Nov. 29. What we need now are 40 people who are willing to get their hands dirtied. People who have just joined the parish, people who have a young family, men and women, college students, people who care about our parish and want it to flourish. I am sending out a letter to the different bodies in our parish and asking them to nominate one from each of their groups but this 40 is for those who are not part of a group or you feel that you have something that you would like to see happening that your group doesn’t deal with.

What I want you to do is contact the Parish Office, leave your name and contact details. It’s a first come first served approach, so please don’t disappoint yourself by saying ‘I should have,’ or disappoint the parish family by denying us of your great ideas and talents. I really look forward to working with you for the greatness of God and the future of our parish.