Pastor’s Message


Gracious God, bless fathers and all father figures with such love and faithfulness that children flourish and grow in uprightness and joy. Bless those who long to be fathers and those for whom this day is difficult. Amen


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I want to take this opportunity to wish all our DADS an incredibly happy Father’s Day. Our parents play a particularly important role in the our development as individuals. Let us give thanks for the positive and supportive influence our dads have been and still are in our lives. I would also like to pray for the ‘Dads’ who are apart from their families because of work, ill health, bad life choices or broken relationships. May all our fathers and all father figures turn to God, our Father, for courage, strength, and as an example on how to be a true father to their families and a positive father figure to all around them.


Again, I wish all fathers an incredibly happy Father’s Day and pray that you will be a great father every day. I would like to leave you with a prayer honoring fathers who make great sacrifices for their families and children.



We pause this Father’s Day to give thanks to the strong and faithful men caring for their children each day. Just as we honor and celebrate the fathers in our own lives, migrant men, seeking better lives for their children, are equally deserving of our prayers.  


We pray for these fathers who see family as sacred and who cross rivers, stand at borders and suffer separation to keep their children and families safe


We pray for human rights to be respected the world over, particularly workers’ rights, on this day celebrating the men who work to support their families. We are one human family under the eyes of God. This Father’s Day, we hold all fathers in our hearts and prayers.

Amen. (Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.)