Missionary Childhood Coin Boxes

This annual Lenten appeal benefits needy children in more than 120 countries. Under its banner “children helping children”, monies raised are directed towards self-help programs involving the building of schools, the provision of health and nutrition programs and medications, school fees, and teaching and learning resources. A lowly donation of $8 provides books and pencils for five children, $5 provides milk for one child for a month and $4 helps provide clean water for one child. Each year we have been fortunate to participate by sending home coin boxes in RE during Lent. Each Lent we have been increasing our donations astoundingly. In 2019 we mailed a check to the Mission for $1,280.24. Due to COVID we were only able to send them $431.79 in 2020. Lent is a time to add more prayer into your life and to give to others. When you choose to donate your allowance or extra money you put it aside for others, which is alms giving. If you decide to put money aside and not splurge (giving up now), you are not meant to save it and then spend it once Lent is over (spending later). Alms giving is meant to give up completely and give to others in complete sacrifice. Please consider helping those in need again but this time use a sandwich bag from home to collect loose change or small bills during Lent. We will then designate a time after Easter to bring in your sandwich bags either at Mass in large bins or through the Parish Office. God sacrificed so much for us that as Catholics we are asked to do the same for our brothers and sisters.