Mary, Mother of the Church Parish Welcomes the Torch of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, November 9-16, 2019

To help prepare our parish and ourselves we will renew the consecration of our parish and ourselves to Jesus through Mary.)


What is Consecration and Why Do It?

Consecration means to set time aside or give oneself time for a sacred purpose. During a special Mass on Friday November 8th, Father Martin will renew the consecration of Mary, Mother of the Church Parish to Jesus through Mary. On November 9th, we will be honored to receive the Torch of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The consecration is 33 days of gentle reflection on Jesus’ love for us and how His Mother, Mary, directs us to that love.  We will begin the consecration as a parish on October 7th.  Every day at 7:30 PM, you are invited to pray with us in person in church, through livestream (, or you may pray on your own.

Preparation for Consecration:  October 7 begins the 33-day period of exercises. St. Louis-Marie De Montfort breaks these days into sections, each section having its own prayers, and each particular day having its own brief readings with which to fill the mind for that day (the readings come from Sacred Scripture, “The Imitation of Christ,” and “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.” Don’t just read the readings, internalize them; don’t let your lips just mouth the prayers, truly pray them. The first step is a 12-day preparation period that consists of emptying oneself of the spirit of the world in order to acquire fully the spirit of Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin.

For three weeks we invoke the help of the Holy Spirit and pray the following prayers with a different focus each week.

Prayers: “Come Creator, Holy Spirit,” “O, Mary!” and “Transformation into Christ.”


Week 1 – We offer up our prayers and devotions for the purpose of coming to understand ourselves and our sins;

humility is the key.

Week 2 – We ask the Holy Spirit to help us better understand the Blessed Virgin.

Week 3 – We seek to better understand Christ through meditation.