Fr. Martin’s Messages

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sometimes we can find ourselves in the situation of been ‘Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.’ This has been our second year of ‘Consecration to Jesus through Mary’ and having the ‘Torch of Our Lady of Guadalupe.’ The purpose of both was to provide people with the opportunity of building  a stronger relationship with God. The danger that many parishes can fall into is to continue doing the same thing every year and not ask the hard questions:

Is this what the people of the parish need?

Is it answering faith questions?

Is it enriching the faith of the people?

Are people attending that never attended before?

Did people know about it?

The Liturgy Team and I would appreciate it if you could take some time and help us improve on what is already in place and what you feel would enrich the parish.

If you attended the ‘Consecration to Jesus through Mary’ or the ‘Guadalupe’ events, what was good and what needs improving?

If you knew about the events and decided not to attend, we would appreciate the ‘WHY?’

If you didn’t know anything about the above events, how did we miss you?

If you attend our weekend mass celebrations – how are they?

I’m not looking for nit-picking but constructive and helpful opinions. In the new year I hope to send out a formal questionnaire regarding our parish and how we can plan to move forward for the better for all our parishioners. But for now I would appreciate it if you could put some thoughts down on paper and send it to the parish office for my attention or you can email me at Comments can be anonymous.  I would be very grateful if I could have your thoughts and opinions before November 20 as I have a Liturgy Team meeting on November 21.

I would like to share with you a beautiful prayer that was given to me shortly after I came here, and it is a prayer that I reflect on from time to time. It is called ‘The Unity Prayer’:

My Adorable Jesus,

May our feet journey together.

May our hands gather in unity.

May our hearts beat in unison.

May our souls be in harmony.

May our thoughts be as one.

May our ears listen to the silence together.

May our glances profoundly penetrate each other.

May our lips pray together to gain mercy from the Eternal Father. Amen

Fr. Martin