Fr. Martin’s Messages

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all our teachers, classroom assistants, hall monitors and of course, our students to our 2019-2020 Religious Education Program. I hope you had a wonderful summer. I hope the year ahead will bring you closer to God and help you understand the true depth of God’s love for you. Parents, I thank you for trusting us at Mary, Mother Of The Church Parish with your children’s faith development and sacramental preparation. As we all know, faith development and sacramental preparation isn’t a singular mission or job. It takes the whole parish community to cultivate, nurture and develop faith. As a parish and particularly our Religious Education Program, we need the support of parents in the home. In our parish we have a sacred space – our church. In our classrooms we also have a    sacred space where images of God’s presence are displayed. I ask and encourage homes to create a sacred space where you as a family can gather to pray and remember the needs of loved ones. This helps our young people to realize that we are one and we are connected.

Last year we arranged that our RE classes would be followed by the young people attending Mass or be associated with a particular Mass. This year we hope to continue this and to enrich it. As above, we need parental support in accompanying our young people to Mass. In the RE program we talk about the Mass and the importance of Mass a lot, why? As Catholics our Sunday Mass is the one opportunity we have to come together to sing with each other, pray with each other and pray for each other, and be a witness to each other. In saying that, Mass has so much more to offer – the Word of God and the Body and Blood of Christ. Food for the journey – nothing strengthens more than the Eucharist.  If we insist that our young people only go to RE class and not to Mass – our young people very quickly pick up on this and say, ‘Mass obviously isn’t important!’ Let Class & Mass complement each other in making the Word of God a life-giving experience.

Liturgy Team

I am delighted to announce our parish has a Liturgy Team. I want to thank Donna Frappolli, Paul Keller, Patty Baylog, Mary Smith, Paul Ordog, Marlene Thompson, Ron Scully, Gerry Vaughan and Peter Sullivan for agreeing to join this important ministry. We have met twice and have formulated a calendar of liturgical events for the year ahead and when we have it fine-tuned, it will be published in our parish bulletin and on our website. Our first event has passed, and I want to say thank you to the team for helping in making Grandparents Day very special. Our next important event is the 24 hours of Adoration in the Chapel of Saints, St Mary Church, BordentownBeginning Friday, Oct 4th @ 4:30pm – Ending Saturday, Oct 5th @ 4:30pm.  This is to mark the beginning of ‘Respect Life Month.’ If you are a night owl or an early bird, we would appreciate it if you would put your name forward. A schedule sign-up sheet will be placed at the ‘Food Pantry’ side entrance to the church or you may contact the office and give your name,contact details and time that is good for you. We need people for all hours – it’s a great place to escape to.

Blessing of Pets

Don’t forget we will have a special blessing of pets at St Mary Prayer Garden Friday, Oct 4th @ 6:30pm and at Holy Assumption Church Saturday, Oct 5th @ 10:30 am. Please spread the word.

Fr. Martin