Fr. Martin’s Messages:

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

It was great seeing all my family and friends but it’s also great to be back. We have just finished a wonderful week of prayer, reflection and celebration. Having Our Lady Of Guadeloupe Torch in our parish brought so much joy and energy I hope and pray will sustain us through the months ahead. I don’t believe we could have had such a wonderful week without the support and help of all the different organizations in our parish. I know there is a danger in singling out people but I feel Patty Baylog and Maria Guzman-Paczkowski, their energy and enthusiasm is what made the week what it was.


In this month of November, I want to remember all our departed loved ones. I also want to keep in mind the people of California, the first responders, those who have lost homes and especially those who have lost loved ones. Our Lady of Guadeloupe, we pray for your intercession.

~Fr. Martin