Fr. Martin’s Messages



Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I found this from last year and I thought it was worthy of a rerun for this year:

The first reading for the Sunday of Pentecost from the Acts of the Apostles is dramatic and descriptive. The image of tornado like winds, windows flying open, dust swirling all around and then this sense of peacefulness descends on all gathered filling them with hope and courage – a courage that inspires you to reach out to others and share  with them what God gives. People were amazed at the giftedness of the disciples – their ability to communicate with all people from all different backgrounds and social standings, people with different languages and different cultural traditions. The gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift Jesus promised the disciples was a gift that could reach all and was meant for all.

So, how does this work? Was this a once off or does it still happen today? Is the Holy Spirit for particular people or for all? Can I receive the Holy Spirit?To every generation and to everyone the gift of the Holy Spirit is given. All it takes is an openness of mind, a willingness of heart and desire for the Holy Spirit.

  • Breathe in me, Holy Spirit, that I may think what is holy.
  • Move me, Holy Spirit, that I may do what is holy.
  • Attract me, Holy Spirit, that I may love what is holy.
  • Strengthen me, Holy Spirit, that I may guard what is holy.
  • Guard me, Holy Spirit, that I may keep what is holy.

(St Augustine of Hippo)


Fr . Martin