Fr. Martin’s Messages

Holy Week 2020


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I put that heading up, not simply as a date, but as a reminder to us all about the challenge of Holy Week 2020. For many of us celebrating Holy Week was about fitting in the Holy Week liturgies and which parish had the best times to suit my busy schedule. This year I know is different for one obvious reason – Coronavirus. It has stopped us in our tracks – or has it? We can still celebrate Holy Week, granted with a somewhat unorthodox approach, but we can make a conscious decision to prepare with a greater focus on what the ‘Mass of the Lord’s Supper’ is truly about.

Holy Thursday – 7pm

As Father kneels before the 12 chairs on the sanctuary, representing the parish – could a family member wash the foot of each of the family gathered – either dad, mom, eldest child or youngest child or the children wash the feet of their parents or/and grandparents.

Good Friday – 3pm

I know we are unable to venerate the cross in the church so:

Place a cross in a prominent place where all in the house can see it and place a lit candle in front or beside it and at the appropriate time all in the house venerate it.

Holy Saturday – 8pm

On Holy Saturday night can we turn off all house lights and let the light from the screen be the only light on at the beginning of our liturgy. Is it possible to get a new/unused candle and light it at the appropriate time during the mass (when Father lights the Paschal Candle) and after Alfonso proclaims the Exsultet (Easter Proclamation) then we should turn on our house lights.

I feel this will help in some way to unite us in the Easter Liturgies. Please let us continue to pray for the needs of our parish, our country and our world.

On Wednesday, April 8th at 7:55pm, I invite everyone to go outside of their front door and gather with all of your neighbors, Christian or otherwise, and applaud all our frontline workers and publicly thank them for all they are doing to keep us safe and caring for those who are ill. Remembering our Health Workers, Police, Fire Department, EMS workers, Truck Drivers and Store Workers and all those who are caring for family members and neighbors. Then I invite you to join us for our last Holy Hour until after Easter.

God’s love and blessing always.

Fr . Martin