Small Group Studies

The parish has started Small Group Studies.  The studies can be done in your own home either individually or with a small group.  The studies range in length from just 1 session to 8 sessions.  Below are the trailers for each study available.  Once you have decided which study you would like to take, simply fill out the form below.  The study coordinator will be in contact with you within a day or two and make arrangements to drop the study off at your home.  Once you have completed the study, simply put the DVDs in the supplied envelope and next time you come to Mass, put it in the white mailbox in front of the parish center office.  If for some reason you can not complete the study in the required time frame, simply call the parish office and ask for an extension.  Whoever is waiting in line for the study will be notified that it is delayed and they can either try another study or wait for you to complete yours.   It is that simple.

Here are the Trailers

A Biblical Walk thru the Mass – 5 Sessions

Altaration – The Mass Revealed – 5 Sessions

The Gospel of John – 8 sessions

A Biblical Walk with Mary – 8 sessions

Saint Peter – 1 session

Intro to the Four Gospels – 5 sessions

The Gospel of Matthew – 4 sessions

The Seven Sacraments – 2 sessions

Unlocking the Bible – 8 sessions

The Love of Christ – 1 session

Call to Greatness – 1 session

Fulfilled – Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism (Part 1) – 7 sessions

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