Burlington County Diocesan Respect Life News

The NJ Assembly has passed healthcare bill (A5508/S3804) which is now in the Senate and could

become law in a short time if signed by the Governor.   The law would have a grave impact on religious liberty if enacted. This law would expand insurance coverage for abortion inducing drugs and eliminate the religious employers’ exemption contained in New Jersey  public law. By removing the  religious employers’ exemption,  Catholic parishes, schools and other religious institutions would be forced to provide insurance coverage for abortion inducing drugs.

As Catholic citizens we cannot permit this to happen without a response. Please go to the NJ Catholic Bishops web site at www.njcatholic.org  . Open the web site and click TAKE ACTION NOW.  Then click ASK THE LEGISLATORS TO PROTECT EMPLOYERS EXEMPTION.  Fill out your information and  then click SEND MESSAGE.

If you want to contact your legislative member directly,  in your parish the members are listed below:

For District 7 :

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy   @  856 735-5334              aswmurphy@njleg.org

Assemblyman Herb Conaway       @  856 461-3997 asmconaway@njleg.org

Senator Troy Singleton                  @ 856 234-2790             sensingleton@njleg.org

Thank you for your action in defending our Catholic principles.

Burlington County Diocesan Respect Life Committee