Advent Giving Tree

Mary, Mother of the Church Parish will once again be participating in the Advent    Giving Tree. We will continue to support six organizations with this very generous effort.  Mary, Mother of the Church parishioners have always been so giving and for this we continue to pray for your generosity.

Here is a breakdown of the organizations we help.

Blue Mittens: Food Pantry and should NOT be wrapped.

Yellow Stars: Mount Carmel Guild and should NOT be wrapped.  The Guild provides “a helping hand” to ailing seniors and impoverished individuals and families. 

Red Angels: First Way of Burlington Co. and should NOT be wrapped.  First Way supports disadvantaged mothers with tests and supplies for the needs of their newborn. 

Purple Snowman: St. Vincent de Paul and should NOT be wrapped. SVdP offers person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering in many ways. 

White Snowmen: Tabor House and should NOT be wrapped. This is a residence for men in recovery. 

Green Trees: Martin House and these gifts SHOULD BE WRAPPED and it is very important that the Green Tree Tag be securely attached. We are blessed in gift-giving for the needs of 5 families with children.

LARGE DONATIONS- If God has been good to you this year and you wish to donate a bike, electronic toy or other special gift, please tag it for “Any Boy” or “Any Girl” and   Martin House will find the perfect child for that gift.

All gifts are to be returned by December 8th. (Earlier this year due to lateness of Thanksgiving.)